Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer party dresses 15 years

Summer party dresses 15 years

What a thrill to celebrate our holiday of 15 years! And what better season than the summer, this time of year when the sun's rays fill us with joy and desire to have fun.

I think the big advantage of holding our celebration of 15 years in summer is not only that we are on vacation and we feel with more willingness to have fun, but we can choose a dress that let us show a nice tan.

That is why the clothes of 15 years to take over this summer are still the model strapless or with very finite strips in bright colors like fuchsia, purple and red or pastel shades like pink and yellow, white becomes the feeling of the moment.

Short or long skirts are the latest in the flight and tulle, both options give your dress a super romantic look. Then I leave you with some designs to help you choose the model for that special night.

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