Sunday, January 30, 2011

Perfect Wedding Dress

Perfect Wedding Dress

There is more to review any fashion magazine to realize the infinite variety of models available to brides: Each season, designers from around the world They make real wonders in silk, tulle and organza, so that everyone gets a chance to find the gown of your dreams. If you are in full 'Operation Dress' is probably still go looking to feel that 'spark' with one of the models this season. We suggest ten simple steps to choosing your dress is perfect!

1. Enjoy the search. If we organize everything in advance, there is no reason to get overwhelmed because they find the dress to the first. Relax and enjoy the 'hunt' the wedding dress is one of the most endearing and fun for brides, seeking the second sight of their lives.

2. Trust your instincts. Many brides feel a hunch when they find 'that' dress is different from the other: either because they feel like a glove, because it is particularly comfortable or because they are transformed into princesses to take it, intuition is one of the best friends to When choosing the ideal model.

3. Although it is normal to carry preconceived ideas, no wonder the bride at the end opted for a look or cut unexpected. The secret is in being surprised, and try all kinds of garments, including those which at first glance think that we are not going to sit well.

4. Bridal magazines, specialized websites and forums are a perfect guide for those who walk more misguided. In our specials will find all the trends in wedding dresses of the season.

5. Go to the store accompanied by one or two people you trust: will the dress from all angles, and help you make the right decision.

6. Do not settle for any dress: a very special day, and must be bright, comfortable and free from doubt. Visit at least four different stores before deciding.

7. Taking into account the type of ceremony that we celebrate helps narrow your search: station, place, time ... Such factors have to do mainly with the fabric: the humid or too dry, for example, can damage the most sensitive.

8. Go to the test wearing heels like those who take their wedding day: high, medium, low, wedge, sandal ...

9. Unless you have two dresses, one for the ceremony and another for the banquet, and it's natural that we choose to become our second skin throughout the day. Wedding dresses are bulky items, so try to make advance all sorts of gestures, sitting, lifting arms, dance ...

10. Be aware of your body. Although we plan to continue an effective diet, you have to take into account that not only influences the size when choosing the dress, the height, the shape of the shoulders, chest size, the ratio of waist and hip ... Everything influences when selecting the appropriate cleavage or fall. Being critical of oneself, and knowing enhance our strengths, will help us in giving the perfect dress.
# If you are petite ... If the girl is rather short, it is likely to encourage the courts rule straight lines. In contrast, large accessories, belts and embroidered on the lower part of the dress flatten the figure.

# If it is straight ... Lack of curves is one of the most difficult challenges when it comes to clothing. In this case, it is essential to model the waist with a corset, and give the illusion of hips with a balloon-type skirt or princess-cut 'vee' at the waist.

# Disproportion between the hips and chest ... The brides with big bust and small hips or vice versa should always opt for a dress that emphasizes the body part most 'disadvantaged'. The necklines that emphasize the shoulders, for example, are very feminine, and distract attention from the hips when combined with a plain skirt. Generous breasts should opt for close-fitting sleeves discrete bodies (the puff would only provide volume to the area) and large billowing skirts.


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