Monday, August 30, 2010

How should the bridesmaids dress for quince

How should the bridesmaids dress for quince

In addition to worrying about our dress and quinceanera accessories and make the interior mixes with them, we should also be pending the look of the girls we chose as bridesmaids.

These beautiful "ladies" play the important role of welcoming us during our grand entrance, to accompany the choreography of Quince Vals and to put them all batteries to encourage general dancing. It is therefore very important to observe a similar style in some way to standardize their reporting.

As in marriage, before it was fashionable bridesmaids all dress the same from head to toe. But the problem was that they do not have a figure or identical features, the same outfit might favor some more than others, making some feel uncomfortable to use something they do not stay as well as the rest.

To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you use our bridesmaids dress cuts that best fits your silhouette, but with the same color, which should be contrasted with that of our attire.

One way to do that all the girls look more harmonious is to play with the height of his clothes. Thus, the lowest height must wear a longer model. The medium, one half of the leg. And the highest, one slightly shorter than the second group to not be so obvious the difference.

As for jewelry, it is preferable to use one type or size of earrings and necklace and her hair is the hair down or half a tail to give more freshness to the look.


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