Monday, August 30, 2010

How to combine your clothes fifteen

How to combine your clothes fifteen

Which should look more beautiful in the quince you obviously have to be you. So you should always look for innovative options, using trendy colors and choosing beautiful quincea├▒era dresses.

The interesting thing is that you can combine your quinceanera dress in several ways. When a long dress that you will take in the main ceremony usually change it to a shorter to be more comfortable at the party. However, it is necessary to make this change as risky as you have to keep a style for the party and sometimes they are not similar models dress for the dance of honor and the rest of the night.

What you can do some money-saving, is to use two-piece dresses are very fashionable. These dresses are made by a corset and a long skirt and elegant that you could use for the official ceremony, during the speech and dance with family and Chamberlain. Because they are two pieces, you can reuse the first (the corset) to combine with a skirt that allows you smaller movilizarte better. This shoe can accompany him a little lower to dance all night.

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