Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Latest trends in evening dresses

Latest trends in evening dresses

So important is the dress for the bride, evening gown and will use the sister or mother of the bride, therefore, some brides also worry about their dress, are aware that dress pattern should use their mother or his sister, sometimes also coordinated with the mother and / or future sister in law (sister of groom).

Remember that all these people will be in the photos immemorial the memory, so make certain harmony would be most desirable.

Some brides choose to coordinate with some friends and relatives to put the same clothes and accompany them in their entrance to the church, everything depends on the customs of the country where the wedding is done and what we want to make the bride.

If your sister, cousin, sister or best friend future has not yet defined the design of evening wear for your wedding, we present some options that gives us Amsale page:

- Camel-colored evening dress in satin, formed by a plunging neckline and has strips. The empire style, with tight-fitting skirt drawing the figure. Take a slight flight at the completion of the dress.

- Developed in chiffon dress in the bust and satin for the rest of the body. The neckline is kind heart and has straps to the neck. The cut is kind empire and the fall of the skirt is straight.

- Evening dress red, chiffon fabric. Halther wearing a neck type with a slight draped bust him. All dress is slightly tight to the body.

- Evening dress brown. She wears a satin fabric at the waist with strapless neckline. The skirt is layered light on the fly. Take a ribbon at the waist which is decorated with a bow. The dress is up over half knee.

- Black evening gown in chiffon. Wearing a neck "V" deep. It is short at the top of the knees, and cut rule type, and the skirt falls loosely from the bust. She wears a skirt on envelope, which allows the look loose and wind.

- Evening dress made in blue taffeta. She wears a strapless neckline with an adornment at the bust, then drop the pencil skirt to the floor.

- Taffeta evening dress in brown. Bring the drape to the side waist and adorned with a brooch. The skirt falls straight to the ground.

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