Thursday, February 3, 2011

Victoria beckham summer dresses

Victoria beckham summer dresses

Many women are fans of Victoria Beckham, not only by the sensational husband next to it, but also for its exquisite and sometimes controversial fashion sense, the fact is that fashion imposes Victoria Beckham and now we here in his latest collection of Modaellas dresses.

This collection of dresses is exactly as you expected, a mixture of geometric cuts and a wide range of conservative colors in dresses. In fact, the most striking attribute is turned off as a bit of their collection, because although it is a good collection, no Beckham style that drew the attention of the eyes, unlike the designs presented in his last collection .
And this collection has been made, apparently in fear, but unfortunately there is nothing we can say this collection immediately identify when you see a design, not just on the catwalk, but in the streets.
What if we rescue is that this collection is good and perfectly usable for day to day as well as dresses for special occasions, it appears that Victoria Beckham has thought consumers more "normal" for this collection, but just be surprised extravagance.

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